Infomart LogoNational wholesale data center provider Infomart Data Centers was recently approved by Portland General Electric (PGE) to offer Direct Access (DA) power service in its Portlandfacility. The announcement is a major victory for Infomart’s Hillsboro, Oregon tenants.

DA enables eligible utility customers to competitively source electricity from multiple third-party energy suppliers apart from PGE. The Company has partnered with Noble Americas Energy Solutions, a leading national retail energy marketer, to help facilitate its strategic energy procurement process. As a result, Infomart customers can now gain access to lower rates, more energy choices and a host of renewable power options. Infomart Portland tenants can now expect to save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on reduced energy costs following the agreement. These savings are based on the success of

Infomart Silicon Valley, which opted for DA service in 2010. Silicon Valley tenants currently save an average of 38.32%, or over $435,000 per year, compared to bundled tariff service. What’s more, by selecting renewable energy plans, tenants can save tens of millions of pounds of carbon emissions each year, thus helping ensure an environmentally-friendly business environment.

According to Infomart Data Centers President John Sheputis, by offering Direct Access to its Portland tenants, Infomart can now better support a competitive and open market with no unbundled tarrifs or markups. Also, he explained, tenants can make their own decisions about the type of power they want, which bestows more choice upon them.

“Our decision to adopt direct access power provides tenants with more cost-competitive energy choices as well as the opportunity to grow their green energy profiles through the selection of additional renewable energy sources,” he said.

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