Originally posted to Telecom Ramblings by Rob Powell,

What we call the edge continues to evolve, and so do the industry players looking to take advantage of the opportunities there.  One interesting player that has begun deploying its vision both organically and inorganically this past year has been DartPoints.  With us today to talk about DartPoints’ approach and its viewpoint on the market today is CEO Scott Willis, who took the helm earlier this year.

TR: How did DartPoints get started, and how did you get involved?

SW: DartPoints has been around since 2012 as one of the early adopters of the edge movement, our industry’s architectural shift from a very centralized processing of data and compute into a more distributed environment.  In the middle of last year, I got involved with Astra Capital and helped them work through      an investment thesis in this area.  Astra then acquired DartPoints in March of this year, and simultaneously with the closing of that transaction I came in as the CEO.

TR: In what direction did you start to steer the company and why?

SW: I wouldn’t say there has been a monumental shift in our strategy, but it has certainly been a refining and clarification process as to what our strategy is going to be. I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before, but if you put five people in a room today, you’re still going to get seven definitions of edge. That is because there are many applications of the edge and therefore, different business models, and many of those are going to be successful. To me, what’s important is that we are clear in defining what edge means for DartPoints and how we intend to move forward and execute our strategy organically.  And then, of course, we’re complementing that with an acquisition strategy that’s equally as aggressive.

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