Ten years ago, Carrie Charles, now known to the telecommunications and technology world as the dedicated and hard-working CEO of Broadstaff, a member of the NEDAS advisory council, a U.S. marine, life coach and more, lost everything. Not only were the doors to her company closing, she was simultaneously battling devastating personal setbacks, including her son’s cancer diagnosis.

Carrie’s story doesn’t end with these times of difficulty. In fact, the opposite is true. In the moments when her faith was most shaken, Carrie dug deep to find parts of herself to lead her through, pledging to use those strengths to encourage others. Embodying the phrase ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going,’ Carrie Charles unabashedly and single-mindedly rejects fear and perseveres, building her life story brick by brick to forge new paths for leaders like herself.

AGL Media Group (AGL), an independent voice reporting on the most significant news, trends and information across the wireless infrastructure industry, recently sat down with Carrie, to highlight her for their series focusing on women in the wireless industry. Carrie expanded on the journey that led her to her success, sharing valuable insights on leadership shaped by hardship and solidified with proven industry success and experience.

Among her many accomplishments, Carrie Charles has formed a successful staffing firm that helps wireless telecommunications companies fill critical gaps in their workforce. She helps businesses find engineers, installers, project and construction managers for jobs across the industry, including Distributed Antenna System (DAS), small cell, fiber, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Carrie is quick to admit that even those in positions of leadership need mentors, herself included. In her case, she cites Mother Teresa as a model exhibiting the characteristics she finds most crucial: faith and an unwavering focus on goals.

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