In Memory Computing

– Zeev Bikowsky, Chief Executive Officer, GigaSpaces, says:

In memory computing has become the go to for companies and enterprises that have a need for faster processing for their big data sets.

Enterprise applications are being forced to meet the demands of millions of users accessing applications on many types of devices in need of real time results. Unfortunately, older enterprise applications that use multi-tier design with a relational database are not architected to support demanding sub second and millisecond requests and responses.

In order to maintain a competitive edge and systems high availability, application scalability and processing, enterprises needed to invest in RAM to meet their demands, but investing in RAM can be quite costly, leaving in- memory computing inaccessible to many organizations.

A solution for this problem can be found in the newly launched XAP MemoryXtend extension.  MemoryXtend is a GigaSpaces’ add-on that combines GigaSpaces’ in-memory computing capabilities with SanDisk’s ZetaScale SSD library, along with any SSD. The solution might be considered a game changer since it enables enterprises to store, process and analyze data near the speed of DRAM memory at the cost of flash storage.

A recently published research compared RAM based data grid against SSD based data grid in the context of price and performance. You can find this white paper on the MemoryXtend page on