– Jean-François Piot, Vice President of Product Management with GSX Solutions,says:

The growing complexity of SharePoint environments

While SharePoint was initially designed for enterprise content and document management, it has evolved to take on enterprise search, website, collaboration, social networking, and other capabilities. The resulting complex SharePoint server environments call for comprehensive oversight to insure continuous and efficient operations.

GSX Solutions introduces fullservice SharePoint tracking

The v10.5 release of GSX Monitor & Analyzer provides an Overview console that automatically discovers and detects your entire SharePoint environment. It presents a consolidated overview, showing the availability and status of all SharePoint Web front-end, application, and SQL servers.

 Viewing your entire SharePoint environment in GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5

Comprehensive SharePoint management in GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5

GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5 also delivers the ability to comprehensively manage:

  • Application servers, together with related SharePoint, custom, and third-party application services.
  • SharePoint sites, including availability, alerts to emerging issues, size, and performance based on growth at the site collection and content database levels.
  • Web front-ends, by quickly identifying Web services availability and performance bottlenecks based on parameters you set.
  • The SharePoint SQL environment, by checking server and database availability and alerts on the growth of content and configuration databases.
  • The SharePoint Farm, by performing complex scenarios to detect any problems that could impact your users.

Enhanced SharePoint reporting

GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5 also provides enhanced SharePoint reporting on periodic statistics for content databases, together with availability statistics for each SharePoint role.Viewing availability statistics in GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5

GSX Monitor & Analyzer gives you access to all current statistics and graphs of recent performance. GSX Analyzer lets you view historical statistics, trend your growth, and even forecast the future. This allows you to pinpoint any negative trend, stay a step ahead of performance issues, and plan for SharePoint capacity growth. What’s more, you can view a dynamic snapshot of Service Level Agreement performance, set a performance indicator’s SLA, and then select the number of Key Performance Indicators that are critical to achieving your SLA. If performance does not meet the SLA, you can quickly determine which server is impacting it and how.

Other benefits of GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5

GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5 includes several general benefits beyond these SharePoint specifics.


GSX Monitor & Analyzer can be installed and configured very quickly. It requires no agent on your servers, and thresholds can be configured in a matter of minutes. In-place upgrades are made via the GSX Monitor workstation.


GSX Monitor only sends alerts on issues that impact your users and services. This helps you to keep a step ahead of any issues since you don’t need to sift through hundreds of nuisance alerts to find what’s important.

An end user perspective

GSX Monitor and Analyzer helps to ensure performance from an end-user perspective. It is one thing for a server to be up and running, it is another matter entirely for the service to be performing as the user expects. The focus is always on what’s most important: your users’ experience and the services you provide.

A comprehensive SharePoint solution

To conclude, GSX Monitor & Analyzer v10.5 provides full-service tracking of SharePoint enterprise environments with a consolidated overview, comprehensive management, enhanced reporting, and several other benefits that help optimize resource utilization while maintaining a continuous high level of user services.