ASCI – Premium News:

Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc. (ASCI) announced today it has capped a nine-month period of major growth with its best third quarter year-to-date. In the first nine months of its 2012 fiscal year, ASCI has logged a 32% increase in new sales revenue compared to the same period last year, and has signed 62 new ActiveBatch Workload Automation customers, including 19 customers outside the United States in regions including Europe and Asia-Pacific. As of today, ActiveBatch is used in over 1,500 implementations across 43 countries.

ActiveBatch Job Scheduling and Workload Automation provides IT organizations with a single automation solution that integrates job scheduling, workload and runbook automation and self-service automation to enable IT organizations to consolidate scheduling across the enterprise to for improved IT operations and business process automation by allowing users to author and automate workflows faster and easier than relying on custom scripting or “closed” scheduling systems.

The company attributes the significant growth partially to the new cloud capabilities included in its ActiveBatch v9.0 version, which launched in June.  ASCI notes the growing complexity its customers are seeing within their IT environments. As businesses move toward increasingly distributed computing environments, the number of platforms, applications and data sources continue to increase, and the ability to manage and automate the interdependencies between these various IT components requires an enterprise-wide automation solution to ensure IT service levels, SLAs and other deadlines are being met and to reduce IT operational costs. In short, IT organizations are looking to do more with fewer resources, and that’s where more businesses are tapping the power of workload automation.

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