By: Evan Stanford

Iceotope, the global leader in Precision Immersion Cooling, previewed a new, fully integrated precision immersion liquid cooling solution that was demonstrated at SuperCompute 22 on November 14–17, 2022 in Dallas, TX. The form factor development, showcased alongside innovative integrations with strategic partners nVent and Mission Critical Facilities International, will help to lower the cost of deploying liquid cool and further the technology’s capability in scaling from one to many racks, anywhere and everywhere.

Iceotope exhibited a 48U demo rack in collaboration with nVent, a leading global provider of electrical connection and protection solutions at booth 427. Together the two companies provide integrated cooling infrastructure directly to the shell, with specific dry and wet compartments across the standard server model. The reduced complexity is due to the collaboration between the two brands which helps to lower the cost and increase the ease of implementing liquid cooling in legacy as well as new built environments.

Mission Critical Facilities International (MCFI), a leader in data center, power and cooling infrastructure solutions, was also a part of the shared booth and provided insight while talking through the features and benefits of their modular all-in-one data center solutions which feature Iceotope precision immersion technology. Iceotope’s high-performance precision immersion liquid cooling solutions are designed to offer a more sustainable, scalable and serviceable approach for reliable operation of data processing equipment. 

As liquid cooling gains traction, conventional air-cooling methods can no longer meet the requirements of high-power, high-density server loads. Iceotope’s new V2 chassis is fabricated using pressed steel to deliver enhanced functionality and cost-optimization, easing the deployment and servicing of liquid cooling at scale using standard IT equipment racks in an effort to meet the demand of increased usage in data centers and extensively deployed for HPC and supercomputer applications. The new chassis is scheduled to launch in Q3 2023.

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