Barry Gorsun, CEO at MRV Communications (, says:

The increased use of streaming, Over-the-Top applications combined with the growing cloud trend is causing an ever-increasing demand for network bandwidth…and service providers aren’t the only ones struggling to keep up. Data center collocation companies, internet exchange carriers, web service companies, cloud and content providers, and large enterprise data centers are also straining to maintain the high bandwidth, low latency, reliability and survivability required to support these popular services, especially in densely-populated areas.

When it comes to high density transport in the data center, the majority of data center and IT managers will list space, power and cooling as their top concerns. Data centers are facing increased costs in both real estate and power supply and require a solution that will save space and power while also granting the flexibility needed to scale their network for next-generation services today and for the bandwidth demands of the future. With network traffic growing exponentially, how can operators maintain efficiency and high quality-of-service for 10G services without losing any functionality?

The solution lies in addressing the functionality of the network by improving density, power efficiency, ease-of-use, flexibility and inventory management. It’s time to start deploying solutions that do more with less. By incorporating multi-service platforms into the network, data centers can achieve optimum performance, increased efficiency and productivity without compromising quality or responsiveness, or increasing capital or operational expenses.

In many networks, optical applications overlap and usually result in additional CAPEX investments. A multi-service transport platform can support multiple functions enabling chameleon-like application transformation and offer full support for industry protocols and data rates in a modular, managed and economical package. Furthermore, unique power management features allow operators to reduce utilities costs by turning off unused equipment to extend life span and reduce cooling costs.

By deploying space and power efficient multi-service transport solutions, data centers will be able to realize simplified operations and more efficient management of the network, therefore enabling data centers to cost-effectively meet today’s need for high density 10G Metro Optical Transport.