With internet access becoming a basic necessity in a world facing a virtual shift, 2021 is the year of broadband expansion. Healthcare and education are all tied to digital connectivity – making it extremely difficult for underserved communities, specifically in the Midwest, to provide or access basic services. The digital divide has been an ongoing issue, but we’ve seen an acceleration in service providers growing their footprint and deploying connectivity to these underserved communities.  

The healthcare environment is going digital with everything from checking in for appointments to finding cures for illnesses and disease. Healthcare professionals and their patients shouldn’t have to worry about faulty connectivity. Reliable internet allows healthcare professionals to optimize their care and make sure their patients are receiving the best experience. Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider in the Midwest, provides healthcare practitioners and institutions with the connectivity and bandwidth required, supporting the best medical practices through technology. Professionals can organize digital records and discuss medical information with patients over a secure network; one that is optimized for performance and supported with uptime assurances.  

Access to a quality education is imperative for communities. Educational institutions should have the proper tools to help their students strive. During the pandemic, many students in the Midwest had difficulties accessing their education, communicating with peers and teachers due to unreliable internet connections. Bluebird has equipped students and teachers with a reliable network that delivers fast internet for digital education over secure private connections. In doing so, reliability and consistency in connectivity is assured, empowering and enabling educational opportunities over internet connections.  

Bluebird and other providers like Intelligent Fiber Network (IFN), and Illinois Fiber Connect understand the urgency to provide and strengthen reliable connections for both institutions and residents throughout the Midwest. Internet is now an integral part of everyday life and the urgency is quickly accelerating to help ensure everyone has equal access to a reliable digital experience. 

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