Paul Barber, CEO of Prophix Software (, says:

Corporate performance management (CPM) software is a comprehensive set of tools that many successful corporations use to automate and simplify the non-transactional financial processes that drive their business (budgeting, forecasting, planning, financial reporting, etc.). With more than 1,500 customers and over 15,000 users around the globe, Prophix Software is already the cornerstone of many organizations’ performance management strategies – enabling finance departments to easily and contextually analyze and process data – but, , there are still some companies who continue to plan for the future without having a full, 360-degree view of the present.  

As you can imagine, in business, it is vital for CFOs and IT managers to have access to the whole picture before making meaningful decisions. After all, making the right decision is ultimately what defines a company’s success, but all too often businesses are making these tough calls without the proper insight into their organization.

In order to set the right course for their company, these decision makers need to be linked with the proper strategic and operational information. That’s also why listening to and understanding customers is key for all CPM software vendors.  To deliver the best product, vendors must understand not just what users are doing with their CPM solution, but the business challenges that they are trying to address.

It is through listening to user’s needs that Prophix has developed a new, industry-leading CPM solution, PROPHIX 10 R3, that will help businesses gain greater visibility, accountability, and collaboration across their company. PROPHIX 10 R3 will allow managers and business decision makers to drive proactive performance management activities and ultimately make the best decisions for the business, all through one easy-to-use tool.

By employing PROPHIX 10 R3, businesses can anticipate immediate improvements to the effectiveness and efficiency of their financial reporting and analysis, as well as the ability to get critical, meaningful data into the hands of decision makers.

Unique to PROPHIX 10 R3 is the introduction of a number of first-to-market integrated structured analytic capabilities, which will enable organizations to:

Proactively monitor financial and operational health– SmartMonitor transforms performance management for business users, enabling proactive monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) drawn from multiple data sources, and delivering exceptions directly to stakeholders in highly visual and interactive dashboards and scorecards. Users can review exceptions from a total organization perspective, or drill down into line of business details. Explanatory comments can now be easily attached to exceptions to facilitate collaborative discussions and auditing.

Experience rich contextually aware data analytics– Newly enhanced visualizations allow business users to view data in new ways in order to spot trends and outliers, and make changes to affected data easily from within one unified interface. This adds to the already unparalleled data driven reporting and analysis platform in Prophix for navigating across structured, semi-structured, and transactional information.

Benefit from enhanced calculation capabilities– PROPHIX 10 offers an advanced modeling and calculation engine that is further enhanced in the R3 release. Users that require more advanced and complicated calculations can enjoy the full capabilities of this industry leading functionality while maintaining the integrity of the data.

Collaborate, capture, and interactively analyze supporting commentaries – Superior commentary collaboration and dynamic analysis capabilities makes the collection and dissemination of supporting details even more powerful.

Be aligned with latest technologies-PROPHIX 10 R3 supports all the technologies including support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

Benefit from the continued focus of customer driven enhancements -Feedback from the Prophix customer and partner ecosystem has resulted in enhancements to the user interface, performance, scalability and online documentation.

PROPHIX 10 R3 is now available. Please visit