Originally posted to Forbes by Ilissa Miller, CEO at iMiller Public Relations

Whether it’s a global financial crisis or a pandemic (or both), business leaders often face challenges that they didn’t expect and have to make hard decisions to keep their business afloat. If you Google “how can employees help struggling companies overcome a crisis?” you will find many responses about how companies can help struggling employees, but not a lot in reverse. This article touches on how employees can help companies adapt to unforeseen market shifts.

As the CEO of a public relations company, I work with many companies adapting to the “new normal.” Often, our advisory and consulting services morph to best business practices in general. That helps to align a company’s ethos with its market position to ensure congruency in everything it communicates. When you have a consistent message internally and externally, clarity is enhanced. This requires a careful communications approach, being able to clearly detail what a company’s position is and how it aligns with the market, as well as provide guidance for employees on how they can help during challenging times.

As an executive who has led departments at companies and has run my own companies during a host of global crisis situations, I’ve found that there’s a lot to learn from employees who have great attitudes. A can-do approach through any situation helps make great companies even better.

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