Element Critical, a leading owner and operator of tailored colocation data center solutions, is offering customers a state-of-the-art data center suite in the highly desired Chicago market. Suite 110 goes above and beyond location benefits to include prime accessibility, extensive network connectivity, and the efficiency of brand new infrastructure. The Element Critical Chicago One and Chicago Two data center facilities, located only 8 miles from O’Hare International Airport, are powerhouse performers and resiliency-leading data centers, boasting 30+ years of continuous uptime. 

So Why is Chicago so Desirable? 

For starters, the midwestern city acts as a perfect bridge between the East Coast and West Coast markets. The strategic location of the city also provides many benefits such as low risks of natural disasters, a flourishing business climate, and relatively low power costs. According to the Chicago Business Journal, “Chicago saw 27.4 MW net absorption in 2021, per a CBRE report, driven by hyperscale activity ‘as users and colocation providers take advantage of state tax incentives.’” The legislation offers tax exemptions on qualified tactile personal property used for both new and existing data centers. Element Critical is actively meeting the Chicago market demands by equipping Suite 110 with the latest power and cooling infrastructure that supports 1 MW of critical power in a N+1 design. With 4,100 square feet of truly customizable space, this secure data hall is designed and ready for single customer leasing. 

When it comes to connectivity, Suite 110 is equipped with redundant infrastructure, cloud connectivity, and carrier neutral network. Element Critical is dedicated to providing customers with a modern network connectivity that is built upon a secure data center backbone. The provided access to various carriers and cloud connect on-ramps, for multi-cloud connection, is yet another perk that Suite 110’s critical connectivity offers. In addition, users have customizable access control that gives them the freedom of a private space without the expense of building their own data center. 

Suite 110 rests in Element Critical’s Chicago One data center and provides 99.4% efficiency savings and design implements unique to the space. Element Critical’s engineering team prioritizes innovative architectures that exceed customers’ expectations for performance and flexibility. Also offered is curated space that is supported by market-leading equipment which, in turn, creates measurable impact. Backed by reliable power solutions, powersmith’s PDUs are engineered to maximize power usage effectiveness while offering a non-disruptive way to gain savings over decades of use. From reduced maintenance to lower PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), implementing efficiency by design has not only passed financial savings onto customers, but also opens the door for sustainable practices that consumers can be a driving force of. 

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