Data Center POST interview with Joseph McDermott, COO and CFO, ARM Data Center Software

By Contributing Editor Anthony Hidalgo

Joseph McDermott is Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of ARM Data Center Software, a company dedicated to eliminating costly network inventory defects and unleashing financial performance for customers. Joe brings wide-ranging experience to the ARM Data Center Software team, leveraging a background that spans startups, technology development, government and finance. In his role at the company, Joe leads operations and finance to ensure customers are receiving nothing less than an exceptional experience while garnering added value and network safety for their company.As ITW quickly approaches, Data Center POST sat down with Joe to delve into ARM Data Center Software’s milestones and discuss what the company is looking forward to at ITW.

Data Center POST, Anthony Hidalgo (DCP-AH) Question: What does ARM Data Center Software do and what problems are you solving?

ARM Data Center Software, Joseph McDermott (ADCS-JM) Answer: ARM® Data Center Software is the innovative provider of network lifecycle management solutions for carrier, colocation, and cloud operators. Our industry-first, true Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, cARMa®, empowers clients of any size to quickly take control and gain visibility into the expense, revenue, and capacity of their network infrastructure with a single source of truth across departmental barriers.

Poor inventory data drives substantial operational and financial underperformance. Daily business transactions, siloed IT systems, new overlay networks, and acquisitions create the potential for poor inventory data quality. The high acquisition cost of traditional solutions, whether bare-metal or virtualized in private clouds, are hard to justify in the face of the spreadsheets that worked up to this point. Now, with the modernization of networks and the growing digital transformation of business, network and data center providers can no longer succeed and scale without a single source of reliable data for operating, maintaining, and optimizing networks.

Clients choose our cARMa solution, our cross-functional team, and our proprietary DISCOVER to RECOVER process to modernize their network operations, systems, and inventory, accelerating financial performance.

DCP-AH Q: What milestones did ARM Data Center Software achieve in the past year, and how will these developments help the company keep up with the demands of the quickly-growing and ever-changing telecommunications industry?

ADCS-JM A: ARM® Data Center Software has had a busy year. In the last 12 months, the company has repositioned itself as a software company, become a Microsoft Partner, and launched cARMa®, its SaaS Network Inventory solution. ARM also continues to expand its customer base, most recently deploying cARMa with one of the top 10 U.S. cable companies.

The company has transformed from a professional services company, known for its DISCOVER to RECOVER program, to a software-based company. This year ARM launched cARMa, the same proven platform our multidisciplinary teams used to transform network inventory data, as the industry’s first true SaaS Network Inventory solution, enabling service providers to better understand and take control of the  expense, revenue, and capacity of network infrastructure.

DCP-AH Q: What do you think is the greatest challenge in the industry, and how is ARM Data Center Software working to overcome it?

ADCS-JM A: One of the most significant challenges for service providers is how they collect, organize, correlate, and maintain quality operational and financial data. To put the issue into perspective, the average age of monthly recurring cost defects that ARM® discovers in the network is 36 months.

Initially, customers engage with ARM on a tactical challenge, then they go through the discovery process and bring all the data sources into one view. As that happens, clients envision their inventory data as a key strategic enabler of their modernization, integration, and financial initiatives.

ARM’s Network Inventory SaaS, cARMa®, is the solution that replaces outdated manual and siloed data practices, which often result in fragmented views of data center and network business and are not able to grow with the increasing complexity of today’s IT infrastructure.  The new cARMa Network Inventory SaaS gives service providers the ability to plan, assign, change, and document network inventory at every level. Users directly associate orders, revenue, and expenses to network infrastructure for a single source of truth across departmental barriers. ARM is committed to helping providers modernize their legacy network management and information systems and enhance their digital transformation.

DCP-AH Q: What new developments are on the horizon for ARM Data Center Software?

ADCS-JM A: ARM® Data Center Software is announcing and demonstrating new cARMa® features that offer unparalleled visibility into network environments at ITW 2019 in Atlanta. These new features enable customers to visualize and interact with their data for smarter and faster decision making. Built on the Microsoft cloud, cARMa offers scale, performance, security, and innovation, enabling ARM to focus on solving its clients’ core business challenges. The combination of an agile cloud-based development environment and clients seeing their inventory data as a strategic enabler of their business opens up unlimited possibilities for innovation.

DCP-AH Q: What would you like to accomplish at the upcoming ITW 2019?

ADCS-JM A: ARM® Data Center Software wants everyone at #ITW2019 to experience cARMa®. We want network and data center providers of any size to see how simple it can be to solve their data integrity challenges with a single system that allows for interaction with all network-related data and smart decision making. All attendees can experience cARMa at the ARM meeting room on the expo floor – Marriott Marquis Ballroom, Room M-M7030. ARM will be giving live demos at 11:00 AM each day, or attendees can schedule a private demonstration of cARMa.

DCP-AH Q: Thanks so much for sharing more about the company and its great software services. Joe and the ARM Data Center Software team will be attending ITW 2019 in Atlanta from June 23-26, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency and Marriott Marquis hotels. For more information about ARM Data Center Software, please visit