By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.20.01 AMData Center POST recently had the opportunity to speak with Scott Mitchell, Senior VP of Sales, Infomart Data Centers, about the company’s goals for HostingCon Global 2016. The event, taking place July 24-27 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, is the largest gathering of the hosting and cloud services community in the world.

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: How has Infomart Data Centers remained a leader in the data center space? 

Infomart, Scott Mitchell (INFOMART-SM) Answer: Infomart, everything we do revolves around great design.  We understand that modern businesses rely on their infrastructure being up 100% of the time – not 99.9999% of the time.  Modern businesses also rely on technologies that can be easily and seamlessly upgraded to meet the demands of innovation.  Therefore, we’ve designed our facilities to be customizable, easily scalable, highly-efficient, and located in the top data center markets.  Combined with a history of 0 SLA events since our inception, these design efforts have paid off with the world’s largest cloud, content and consumer brands leasing space in our data centers.

DCP-KX Q: What steps has Infomart taken to be sustainable and why is it important to the company? 

INFOMART-SM A: Infomart places much value on sustainability, and we back it up by implementing efficient technologies.  For example, we have converted our entire Portland data center to low-carbon Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) power, and our Silicon Valley facility runs on 100% recycled water and was the first wholesale data center in California to achieve LEED Gold certification.  We also implement 100% containment in all of our facilities in order to increase the efficiency within our data centers.  Data centers are only growing, and consuming more power year over year; so, we believe it’s important for our entire industry to begin taking steps to become more sustainable and preserve our natural resources.

DCP-KX Q: What do you hope to accomplish at HostingCon? 

INFOMART-SM A: I’ve attended HostingCon for several years and always look forward to attending the sessions to learn more about the latest trends taking shape in this industry, as well as networking with industry thought-leaders.  Many hosting and cloud companies call Infomart home, and we want to continue to show this industry that Infomart is a reliable foundation upon which to build their business.

DCP-KX Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

INFOMART-SM A: At Infomart, we take on the clients with the most critical applications – airlines that can’t have their systems go down, e-commerce sites that rely on a solid foundation to conduct business, and hosting providers whose demand for 100% uptime can literally make or break their business.  We enjoy taking on these clients because our tract record gives us a high degree of confidence that we’ll be able to perform – month after month and year after year.  If you’re a hosting company looking for a new home for your IT, come take a tour to find out for yourself why the world’s largest cloud providers have chosen Infomart.