Tom Whitcomb, CTO at Ajubeo, says:

Ajubeo’s mission has always been to deliver high-performance infrastructure-as-a-service via user-defined virtual datacenters that enable IT executives to deliver more business value than ever before. Maintaining a differentiated market position in the performance IaaS space mandated an ITIL centric cloud monitoring application with unlimited capability, flexibility and an easy-to-use interface, supporting our multi-tenancy business model. After testing numerous monitoring options, ScienceLogic was the obvious choice.

One month into our ScienceLogic cloud monitoring implementation, it is clear we made the right selection. Our customers are pleased with the platform’s advanced cloud monitoring capabilities and increased visibility across infrastructure and application performance. Customizable, intuitive and sophisticated dashboards are just one new feature that will provide our customers with easy access to both high-level and granular performance data. In addition to dashboards, ScienceLogic’s proactive and automated event management provides real-time health-level transparency while enabling maximum system and application availability. 

From a cloud services provider perspective, ScienceLogic has exceeded Ajubeo’s expectations with regard to customer on-boarding efficiency, the responsiveness of ScienceLogic support, and the professional graphic interface that allows our team to quickly modify interface branding to match the exact brand-use-guidelines specifications of our customers and partners. This customization capability is critical in the delivery of our private label IaaS offering.