Bulk Infrastructure has officially joined the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA), whose mission is to move the global digital sector toward zero-emissions.

The SDIA is a non-profit entity founded in 2019, that uniquely gathers all actors of the digital ecosystem – from industry and governments, to resource suppliers and end users – with a mission to decarbonize the global digital economy. In fact, their very company vision states: “We believe we need to adapt the underlying digital infrastructure, reducing its environmental impact to zero, making the massive growth sustainable while ensuring it remains open & accessible.”

That means, that while shining to industry spotlight on the growth of the global digital infrastructure sector (whose carbon emissions rival that of the aviation industry!), SDIA seeks to encourage collaboration across the value chain, promoting a sustainable digital economy from an environmental, economic, and social perspective, for those of you keeping score in the realm of ESG initiatives (Environmental, Social, and Governance).

The key approach Bulk Data Centers brings to the table through the SDIA, is two-fold. The first is probably the more straightforward of the two, in that, Bulk uses the membership to amplify greater intra-industry collaboration, further supporting the core goals of the SDIA in realizing an ecologically and economically sustainable digital world. Secondly, Bulk also plays upon their unique geolocation within the Nordics. As a region basked in a wellspring of affordable renewable energy, Bulk appeals both to the enterprise and hyperscale markets, as well as research organizations looking to expand digital capacity while reducing their carbon footprint.

With the annual growth rates of both global greenhouse gas emissions and average data center growth (including, but not limited to hyperscalers), as well as the surge in high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) ploughing through power densities, Bulk and SDIA meet at the junction of SDIA’s Roadmap. In this model, not only does Bulk support SDIA’s mission of reaching sustainable digital infrastructure by 2030, it also showcases Bulk’s position in the Nordics as an industry benchmark within the surplus renewable energy market; blending cost-effective energy options with a core focus on global sustainability.

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