With presence already in Greenville, SC and Birmingham, AL, DC BLOX recently announced the expansions of both facilities. The rapid growth in two of DC BLOX’s most recent markets reflects strong local demand for core data center and connectivity infrastructure. The Greenville facility is adding its second data hall since announcing its official opening in January of 2022, while Birmingham will deploy DC BLOX’s newest design to accommodate the need for High-Performance Compute (HPC) applications in the Alabama market.  

DC BLOX’s new “flex space” design enables the efficient allocation of floor space and power between HPC and standard cabinets to accommodate variations in local demand. The new data hall design will help not only Birmingham but can also be added to any of DC BLOX’s data centers across all markets. “We are seeing growing demand for secure and reliable data center services across our markets,” said Kurt Stoever, Chief Operating Officer for DC BLOX. “DC BLOX is very pleased to be able to not only meet these growing needs with state-of-the-art data center and connectivity infrastructure, but to adjust to specific market needs with our innovative HPC-capable data hall design.”

Growth of the HPC market is being driven by a confluence of factors including the availability of lower-cost HPC systems based on commodity hardware, the advancement of specialized processor accelerators (e.g., GPUs), the increased use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) applications, and the competitive advantages derived from aggregating and analyzing large data sets. HPC applications require significantly more power per square foot from their data centers than traditional IT resources. Many industries, including government, universities, manufacturing, and bio-sciences, have a growing need for HPC technology but don’t have access to the data center, connectivity and power infrastructure needed to run it locally.

To learn more about the DC BLOX’s expansions, please visit www.dcblox.com