Gina Murphy, Executive Vice President at TriCore Solutions, says:

We have partnered with Alert Logic to bring you cloud-based security solutions. Alert Logic is a leading provider of Security-as-a-Service solutions for the cloud. The landscape of security solutions is complicated and fast moving. The common thread in many security technologies is that they require correlating a lot of different events and data and making expert calls about what represent an incident and how to respond.

We have added some services to help, from our security partner Alert Logic. TriCore is integrating Alert Logic’s  portfolio of cloud-based security solutions for vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, log management and web application security into our current suite of managed application services. These services take the heavy lifting off your expertise and technology, and provide a monthly-fee business model that matches your hosting and cloud service plans. 

We now offer:

Alert Logic Threat Manager – managed intrusion detection and vulnerability scans. Not only do you get the IDS technology, but it’s monitored 24×7 and incidents are validated by Alert Logic’s SOC. Instead of getting an alert that’s a false alarm at 3AM you are notified when an analyst has investigated and determined that yes, you have an issue. (You can also get just the vulnerability scanning capabilities of Threat Manager through Alert Logic ScanWatch.)

Alert Logic Log Manager – Cloud log management that collects and normalizes all your log data, presents in a slick web interface, and stores all data for a year (or more if you need it).  You can also get an analyst to review your logs every day to look for problems and meet PCI requirements.

Alert Logic Web Security Manager – A managed web application firewall that blocks web application attacks – one of the most common and dangerous sets of exploits.  WAF management is complex, but Alert Logic’s team tunes and monitors your WAF so it’s blocking the hackers without blocking your customers.

TriCore can deploy Alert Logic’s solutions in a hosted and/or cloud infrastructure, giving clients a unified view of their security data – and a support staff to watch over it 24×7.