Corey Donovan, vice president of vibrant Technologies (, says:

Do I have to pay for removal?
In many cases, a remarketer will actually pay you for the right to recover and destroy your excess equipment. For equipment that is absolutely obsolete though, you will have to pay a small fee, per unit, to have it properly disposed of. Be sure to assess whether or not your equipment has resale value before paying to have it taken away.

Will my systems end up in a lake or landfill?
Find out what happens to your products downstream. Does the buyer/recycler have a no-landfill policy? Have they been certified by an independent agency? Do they send equipment overseas for processing? Do they take custody of the equipment? Even if the buyer takes custody, they must process the systems responsibly. Legal particulars will not matter if monitors associated with your business show up bobbing in the local pond. The public will point a finger in your direction.