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Consider this: In the year 2000, the Internet supported just 738 million people. Today, this number is hovering around a staggering 3.2 billion people. And all signs indicate that the Web will grow significantly larger over the next decade as more people gain Internet access and the Internet of Things proliferates.

Ultimately, this growth will be a tremendous boon for global industry if some of the major challenges along the way can be overcome. These challenges include widespread security concerns, slow and unreliable data transfers due to bandwidth limitations and outdated network infrastructure, and high operating costs for telecommunications providers and end- users alike.

To further enable connectivity and the growth of the Internet, industry leaders must come together to discuss these issues and find new ways of facilitating safe and reliable Internet growth. One place where this collaboration can be facilitated is the Open-IX Association (OIXA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Intergate.Manhattan this Friday, October 2.

This event will be a convergence of key Internet stakeholders. Its purpose is to enable discussions about the past, present and future of the Internet landscape, while also outlining specific strategies for overcoming the aforementioned challenges.

The meeting will also include:

  • OIXA updates and subcommittee reports
  • Panel discussions from OIXA advisory board members
  • Optional guided tours of the Intergate.Manhattan data center
  • Results from the 2015 OIXA Board of Directors election

The event, hosted by Open-IX and hospitality host Sabey Data Centers, will run from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. All attendees are further encouraged to join in a special post-meeting social co-sponsored by Sabey and Zayo Group.

Please note that the OIXA Annual General Meeting is a members-only event. If you are interested in becoming a member and joining us on October 2, please click here.