As many are aware, the technology and telecom world is eager for new talent, and new jobs that need to be filled with capable up-and-comers are cropping up everywhere. However, as with any job search, finding and landing the ideal position can be tricky in a space with so many options and demands.

To help applicants as they search for their great professional fit, Datacenter People, a leading niche headhunting firm focused on identifying and engaging hard-to-find cloud and data center professionals, compiled a list of insider tips:

  • Read the full job description carefully. Make sure to assess whether the job listing fits your skill set or skill level. If you apply for a position that doesn’t align with your goals, abilities or level of experience, you’ll be wasting your time.
  • Do not use the “Easily Apply” option on LinkedIn. While this feature seems attractive, it bombards the recruiter’s inbox, and it’s too simplistic. When you do this, all a recruiter sees is a snapshot of your LinkedIn profile — namely your photo, headline, past and present job titles, education and any skills you’ve listed. If your profile isn’t up to date or has minimal or incomplete information, you probably won’t be hearing from prospective employers anytime soon.
  • Before the interview, research the company you are interviewing for. Prepare appropriate questions for the person interviewing you, learn their title and role, and practice answering tough questions.
  • Clean up your social media profiles. Recruiters are known to check these out, and it’s important that your pages reflect a candidate they would want to hire.
  • Spend time on your resume. Make sure it’s accurate and error-free, and ensure that it reflects your actual skill set. Craft a resume and cover letter that are specific to the job you are applying to, and be sure to include relevant information. Keep in mind, the more facts you supply, the better. This includes number of employees managed, work productivity numbers, exceeded goals, etc.
  • When emailing your resume, be personal, informative and short. Make sure it’s sent to the right person, and address them when you send it. This shows you’ve done your research. If you don’t hear back within 2 business days, follow up once.
  • Be selective with your networking. If you talk to everyone, everyone knows that you’re looking for a new job. This may seem like a good thing, but it can actually decrease your appeal. Datacenter People utilizes a strategy that prioritizes “passive high-performance” individuals, meaning those that are succeeding in their current position and aren’t advertising an impending job switch. In many cases, focusing on your dedication and success, rather than your eagerness to leave, is key.

Even in an industry with a talent shortage, someone landing their ideal position may not be something that happens every day. However, with the right preparation and conscientious thought, it can happen for anyone. By keeping these insider recruiting tips in mind, applicants can easily increase their chances of getting the dream position and impressing their future peers.

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