Few industries have experienced substantial growth over the past two years with the ramifications and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The data center merger and acquisitions market was not one of them, with millions becoming more reliant on network connectivity to conduct business. This accelerated growth has paved the way for new expansions and opportunities in the market, with DāSTOR LLC as a prime example. 

A vision set by industry veteran Kevin Mulqueen, DāSTOR was officially set to launch and subsequently announced on September 15, 2021. A comprehensive, one-stop-shop with a full menu of solutions, DāSTOR and it’s arsenal of data center locations will offer upscale enterprise-class colocation, disaster recovery and hybrid cloud connectivity solutions. The purpose of these solutions will be to help serve the Enterprise, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and Government sectors. Unveiling DāSTOR was just the beginning, as Mulqueen hinted at future plans and goals for acquisitions over the next 12 months.

DāSTOR, set to re-imagine digital infrastructure management with a focus on ecosystem development across key industry verticals, includes two data centers in Wilmington, DE and Reading, PA. Both offer highly secure IT infrastructure and data center solutions. The company’s other two sites are located in King of Prussia, PA, bringing the four sites together to create their suite of service offerings. 

DāSTOR’s locations are connected to key interconnection hubs, providing direct on-ramps to providers like Microsoft Azure, Sungard and Amazon Web Services. These facilities are the definition of combining efficiency and resiliency for production environments and disaster recovery solutions. 

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For more information, visit dastorllc.com.