By Contributing Editor, Sarah Chamberlain

New Continuum Data Centers, a multi-tenant data center operator in the western Chicago suburbs, is spearheading a new strategic vision for the next generation of colocation services by joining the Open19 Foundation.

Open19 Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 by Flex, GE Digital, HP Enterprise, LinkedIn, and Vapor IO. This coalition of companies expertly solves data center problems by acting as one large, collective, mega data center. The Open19 Foundation is building a community of new generation open data centers and edge solutions by creating project-based open hardware and software solutions for the greater data center industry. Its mission is to establish new open industry specifications for servers based on a common form factor.

As a member and contributor to Open19’s mission, New Continuum pledges to continue the study, development, and proliferation of Open19’s industry standards. New Continuum’s contribution of vital operating and engineering prowess, alongside their skills in development environments, will push the data center industry to new frontiers and create an enhanced IT landscape.

The support of Open19 underscores New Continuum’s history of leadership in defining next generation, multi-tenant data center services. Its flagship Chicago data center is engineered for maximum flexibility in power redundancy and density, and enjoys rich connectivity options and optimal traffic routing due to its partnership with United Internet Exchange. Joining The Open19 Foundation further advances New Continuum’s commitment to next generation infrastructure services.

With Open19’s fast-growing community and innovative solutions, New Continuum will be prepared for market shifts. In the face of evolving industry trends, Open19’s models create compelling efficiencies in procurement and ease of consumption when integrated with the right user interface. In addition, Open19 boasts an elegant solution to a variable and dynamic open data center ecosystem and the demand for varied forms of computing. Its solution utilizes existing 19-inch racks, but disaggregates the standard web server into the various forms of computing as interchangeable building blocks. Open19’s technology allows for wide levels of adoption and creates flexible and economic solutions for operators of all sizes.

Additionally, joining Open19’s ranks exposes New Continuum to cutting edge technologies and strategies, enabling the incorporation of those capabilities into its own product offering.

Eli D. Scher, New Continuum Chairman and CEO, notes, “The objectives of the Open19 Foundation align perfectly with our values and business principles, and we are excited to integrate this new technology into our service capabilities.”

In keeping with New Continuum’s core values of constant innovation and efficiency, this influential and far-reaching alliance will build the future of rich, efficient, and successful IT ecosystems.


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