– Matt Bushell, Director, Product & Corporate Marketing for Nlyte Software:

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software provider, Nlyte, recently extended its ITSM reach with the new Nlyte Asset Sync for HP UCMDB which coincides with an upgrade to the platform’s Asset Lifecycle Management capabilities (see the press release here).  Nlyte is one of the few DCIM vendors that has a solid focus on not just power/space/cooling capacity management, but on the underlying management and focus of the assets that consume those resources.

While this is not Nlyte’s first foray into an off-the-shelf CMDB connector (see BMC Atrium), it is the first into HP’s IT Service Management suite, and not a small one. CMDBs can only provide so much information to a DCIM solution, but a DCIM solution can make a CMDB more accurate, and vice versa.  This bi-directionality is an enlightened view, and should bode well for Nlyte, given HP UCMDB represents one of the major CMDBs in the industry.

Nlyte’s certified connector is not the company’s only dalliance with HP: Nlyte also announced a connector with the HP Insight Control for power measurement and monitoring, and as of December, was named one of the HP Converged Managed Services preferred DCIM providers.

Nlyte supplemented its announcement for the new connector with additional functionality in the core DCIM platform around asset lifecycle management.  As assets come in and out of the data center, Nlyte has created a standard list of statuses and even sub-statuses to help keep track of that asset. Nlyte contends that assets are most valuable when they are new, and only decline from there in terms of efficiency, throughput, depreciation, etc.  By tightly managing the flow of assets in and out of the data center, greater efficiencies can be realized.  Managing power alone is, in effect, only a Band-Aid to the underlying problem (outdated equipment).

Nlyte continues to innovate the core solution, and with key partnerships in place, anyone considering a DCIM solution should take a look.