Data center companies face increasing demand for connectivity and digital services. As a result, data center operators must find more efficient solutions for in-house infrastructure management. FNT Software, solves this fast-growing problem with its comprehensive, web-based management systems for IT, data center, and telecommunication infrastructures.  

FNT Software, was recently selected by DC BLOX to manage its data center operations in facilities across the Southeastern United States. As a multi-tenant data center, dark fiber, and connectivity solutions provider, DC BLOX will utilize FNT’s integrated platform, FNT Command, to manage its data center infrastructure with maximum efficiency and high availability. 

The FNT Command platform completely overhauls DC BLOX’s manual tracking and project management tools with a seamless web-based management system. The platform is set to streamline DC BLOX’s processes and optimize the utilization of its data center assets. In addition, FNT’s Command platform offers comprehensive reporting and analytics, making it easy to monitor operations in real time. 

As the industry moves forward, data center infrastructure efficiency will continue to be the driving force in the industry. Systems like FNT Command will be pivotal for companies looking for scalable management solutions as they tackle increasing demand.

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