The Nomad Futurist Foundation has proudly announced that Flexential, a leading provider of secure and scalable data center solutions, has joined the foundation through a Nexus level sponsorship. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in the Nomad Futurist Foundation’s mission to demystify the world of digital infrastructure and empower younger generations with the knowledge and skills required in this rapidly evolving sector.

Flexential’s commitment to shaping the future of digital infrastructure aligns seamlessly with the Nomad Futurist Foundation’s objectives. By becoming a Nexus sponsor, Flexential demonstrates a dedication to “more than just the present; we’re actively shaping the future of digital infrastructure,” says Chris Downie, CEO of Flexential. Recognizing the increasing importance of digital infrastructure in our interconnected world, Flexential aims to play a crucial role in guiding and supporting the next generation of industry leaders.

The Foundation’s Mission

The Nomad Futurist Foundation focuses on providing education and support to younger generations and those in transition, enabling them to understand the technologies powering our digital world. By doing so, the foundation opens up opportunities for growth and new career paths in the rapidly growing digital infrastructure sector.

Phillip Koblence, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Nomad Futurist Foundation and Podcast, welcomed Flexential as a Nexus sponsor, highlighting the importance of demystifying the digital infrastructure industry. He emphasized the foundation’s mission to create outreach programs and educational initiatives, providing the younger generation with the knowledge needed to benefit from this dynamic industry and ensuring a viable future for the booming digital economy.

The collaboration between Flexential and the Nomad Futurist Foundation signifies a shared vision for a dynamic and sustainable global digital workforce. Flexential’s Nexus level sponsorship will provide essential funding to develop educational programming, outreach initiatives, and foster partnerships with educational providers, non-government organizations, and other non-profits. These efforts aim to execute the Nomad Futurist’s mission for a sustainable global digital workforce.

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