Originally posted to NEDAS

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2019 there were approximately 717,800 individuals working in telecom. At the same time, unemployment rates have been falling as talent becomes increasingly critical (and increasingly hard to find) in technological and skill-intensive sectors. In fact, LinkedIn reports that technology, media and telecommunications will experience a shortage of around 4.3 million workers by 2030.

Yet, in this age of critical communications convergence and technological progress, cultivating the right skills can be the ticket to climbing the ranks and becoming known as a master of thought-leadership, innovation and positive influence in the world of telecom. Of course, there are likely tens of thousands of unique business skills out there to be gained and showcased, each with varying importance depending on where an individual works and who they work with. This is why NEDAS, the association promoting collaboration and education where wireline and wireless meet, put together this list of five skills that will bring success to any individual looking to thrive in a technical arena like telecommunications.


Telecommunications, like many other digital and technological spheres, is fast-moving by nature. Demands from new and growing amounts of applications and innovations, such as the 5G evolution and the DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) and small cells that will power it, the Internet of Things or edge data centers, are stretching the capabilities of the industry. As a result, new technologies and deployments are being rapidly developed to keep pace and meet the needs of users. This means that organization is a requisite skill for anyone looking to succeed by staying ahead of the curve.

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