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Five Secrets to a More Efficient Data Center

Scott Charter, International Business Development, Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company, says:

IT executives around the world are searching far and wide for ways to increase data center efficiency and create a more sustainable—and profitable—enterprise.  Here are five secrets that can lead to a more productive and safer enterprise, starting with your efficient data center:

1.     Invest in a water treatment system

It is imperative that IT managers optimize water for efficiency, as water is one of the most important cooling aspects of a data center, albeit one of the most expensive.  But investing in the right water treatment solution can bring a wealth of benefits for data center facilities.  For example, Silver Bullet’s system can contribute to energy savings as well as credits toward LEED certifications for a business and, in turn, a more sustainable corporate environment.  Moreover, companies can take a non-chemical approach to water purification and optimization to further their green efforts.

2.     Create greener forms of power                   

It is often forgotten that sunlight is a widely available, cost-effective strategy for powering a data center.  Look no further than Apple for an example of a major market company that uses this strategy.

3.     Distribute power intelligently

When considering power distribution, make sure you have the right voltage system, which can seriously impact power consumption.  Additionally, UPS systems need to be monitored for efficiency.  Water cycles should also be optimized for increased concentration.

4.     Use the environment to your advantage

Besides water, another resource that can be used to cool data centers is air.  It is for this reason that many companies are choosing to construct data centers in colder locations, such as Facebook’s new Arctic-based data center.

5.     Utilize enhanced management tools

Your company needs access to network monitoring equipment for the purpose of keeping an eye on its energy use.  Servers, cables and switches should be constantly monitored for power loss.

For more information on how the Silver Bullet Water Treatment System can make your data center more efficient, please click here.

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