Pravin Kothari, Founder and CEO, CipherCloud (, says:

Instituted as a federal government standard in 2002, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the security benchmark for the encryption of electronic data and a mandatory requirement for many federal and global agencies. AES is the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret information.  Earlier this month CipherCloud’s implementation of the AES encryption algorithm was certified by NIST, making our cloud data protection gateway the industry’s first and only FIPS-certified solution.

We’re the only company that offers format and operations preserving encryption solutions for cloud services like to have received the FIPS 197 accreditation.  Reaching this certification achievement speaks to our mission to provide the industry’s most secure encryption solutions for our customers who are concerned about security, privacy, and compliance of their sensitive data in the cloud. Enterprises and government organizations that require greater assurance to protect their sensitive data can now rely on a highly credible third-party proven solution.

CipherCloud’s technology provides a single gateway as a platform to secure sensitive customer data across multiple public and private cloud applications, such as Salesforce, Chatter and Amazon Web Services, without impacting functionality or performance. The solution uses comprehensive security controls including strong encryption, tokenization, activity monitoring, and malware detection to address organizations’ data privacy, residency, security, and compliance concerns, and to accelerate cloud adoption.