FiberLight, LLC, a fiber infrastructure provider with more than 20 years of construction experience building and operating mission-critical, high-bandwidth networks, recently announced its selection by Whatbox Inc, a company specializing in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for high-speed network applications and global content distribution, to deliver high-capacity, redundant fiber for inter-data center networking.

With COVID-19 driving accelerated data demands, Whatbox was seeing dramatic increases in usage as a result of individuals and teams utilizing the internet to share media and content. To ensure Whatbox could quickly support these demands and have ample room to expand as requirements continue to grow, FiberLight supplemented the company’s existing 100Gbps lit wavelength network with redundant dark fiber connectivity between its data centers in Northern Virginia on an expedited timeline. Completed in just two short weeks, the deployment enables Whatbox to light its own 400Gbps waves as needed, ensures it can leverage near limitless capacity with built in redundancy and allows it to grow with more cost efficiency than with lit circuit leasing options.

FiberLight’s dark fiber enables businesses to skip contacting network service providers or vendors every time their service must be adjusted as a result of fluctuations in demand. This saves both time and money. Furthermore, dark fiber’s bandwidth is only limited by the equipment placed on it, so businesses can benefit from near limitless capacity for a future-proofed option.

“After doing thorough research into the providers and solutions on the market, we knew FiberLight was the provider that would deliver the flexibility, quick turn-up times and cost efficiency we needed to meet requirements now with the ability to scale quickly into the future,” comments Anthony Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of Whatbox. “As we look into possibly moving data centers, FiberLight went the extra mile to offer a flexible solution that allows us to relocate fiber over time as we continue to evolve to best serve our customers.”

“Having necessary infrastructure to meet exploding demands during a time of businesses working from home and individuals operating in a largely virtual environment is paramount for remaining competitive,” comments Marc Dyman, Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer for FiberLight. “We look forward to serving as a partner to the future growth of Whatbox. Data demand between data centers is continuing on its upswing, and we’re proud to be able to support our customers with highly cost-effective and highly flexible solutions. In turn, this enables our customers to capitalize on high-demand areas, in this case being Ashburn and Data Center Alley—one of the top data center markets in North America and a destination whose fiber reportedly handles 70 percent of the globe’s traffic.”

FiberLight offers thorough expertise designing, building, maintaining and operating large-scale, custom, high-capacity fiber infrastructure in some of the country’s most rapidly growing areas. The company’s dark fiber solutions deliver complete operational control, security and scalability to improve business operations and offer peace of mind for network and data center providers, large enterprises across the U.S. and up-the-stack partners looking to evolve their networking capabilities.

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