FiberLight, an industry leader in providing high-performance metro and long-haul fiber transport services, recently announced that they are deploying an automation software from Blue Planet, a division of Ciena. More specifically, Fiberlight is utilizing Blue Planet Inventory (BPI) and Blue Planet Multi-Domain Service Orchestration (MDSO) to augment its operations and increase its revenue potential. As a result of incorporating this automation software, the company will enjoy improved service delivery processes across its entire multi-vendor network, and customers will be able to more efficiently leverage the new, on-demand services that their business needs.

“A crucial step in delivering superior customer experience is having the ability to turn up services quickly and easily,” comments Kevin Coyne, COO of FiberLight. “Ciena’s Blue Planet gives us an unprecedented understanding of our network resources, allowing us to optimize service delivery, fault isolation and resolution, so we can provide the quality of service that our customers require today and in the future.”

Fiberlight’s network currently includes 14,000 miles of strategically-located fiber in some of the most rapidly expanding metro areas in the U.S., including Atlanta, Baltimore, Tampa, Washington D.C. and various areas throughout the state of Texas. BPI allows FiberLight to gain a unified and dynamic view of the entire network and its service resources, effectively reducing the amount of time the company spends on manual operations. In turn, the software deployment allows for faster turn-up of services, meaning that the company can provide a quote for new services in a matter of days, not months.

BPI and MDSO, when combined, offer the company accurate network visibility and automated software control to its OSS/BSS operations across several network layers, domains and vendors. As a result, FiberLight will be able to reduce service and order fulfillment errors, boosting customer satisfaction. By leveraging Blue Planet Professional Services, FiberLight will also enable the seamless extension of their software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities throughout its operations and create a faster time to market.

FiberLight’s high-bandwidth services include managed Ethernet and Wave Transport, Cloud Connect, Dedicated Internet Access, Dark Fiber, and Wireless Backhaul over private and diversely constructed fiber backbone rings. As a result of this deployment, FiberLight’s services and networks are becoming more adaptive and responsive to better meet the growing and changing requirements of their customers.

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