Originally posted to the Independent Data Center Alliance

As the digital divide continues to impact businesses and individuals seeking to leverage digitization to evolve their businesses, regional data center providers convened to discuss the shifts required by operators and the growing need for network aggregation points, interconnectivity, regional network partnerships and more at The INCOMPAS show 2020. The panel, organized by the Independent Data Center Alliance, explores the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, shifts in operational requirements and the growing need for neutral aggregation points to ensure content, cloud and applications can serve the greatest number of people at the edge.

Mary Stanhope, CMO of Unitas Global, opened the conversation, titled: Data Center Interconnection Trends and Capabilities, touching adaptability and agility when dealing with unforeseen instances such as the pandemic.

“One of the key phrases is that everything is changing, and adaptability and agility becomes really important for working with customers… The ecosystem that we exist in is a very different edge from more people working in different locations…. So if we really look at what’s changed in the last six months, for us, it’s really been the conversation with our clients. [The pandemic] really has impacted what people are buying and how people are growing and shifted that but I think it’s some interesting times and very interesting times about how we’re connecting people to data in cloud centers, and how that conversation is changing.”

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