Originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse

As news spread about Microsoft’s choice of DE-CIX as its premier North American Azure Peering partner, it became clear that even though peering and interconnection partners have grown more prevalent, there still exists a gap in understanding about how they serve global data needs. The initial blog in this series took a step back to explain the overarching importance of peering and Internet Exchanges (IXs) in the global data ecosystem. Yet, this was just scratching the surface of what exchanges do — and can do — in today’s digital world.

IXs are already allowing networks to leverage greater control over traffic paths, latency, bandwidth and quality to cater to evolving data demands and applications. However, there is vast potential to continue optimizing this ecosystem as the digital world continues to adapt and innovate — and it hinges on expanding access to IXs and growing the fabric of locations across the globe.

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