ben-edmond-ceo-founder-of-connected2fiberData Center POST recently spoke with Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber. Mr. Edmond has diverse experience within the telecom industry. He is a proactive, hands-on leader with expertise in developing and launching strategic initiatives that address market opportunities and business priorities. In this Q&A, Mr. Edmond discusses starting Connected2Fiber, what makes his company unique, its achievements and what makes a successful leader.

Connected2Fiber is a SaaS platform for market participation in the network industry helping network owners and network buyers improve transparency, speed and effectiveness with information, automation and predictive algorithms. The company’s guiding mission is to use information and automation to help improve how network operators and network buyers operate.

Q and A with Data Center Post’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: What is the short / long story that got you to Connected2Fiber?

Connected2Fiber, Ben Edmonds (CONNECTED2FIBER-BE) Answer: After 20 years in the connectivity industry I wanted to help solve some of the challenges the industry has in going to market, focusing on building software and the right data that enables better decisions, faster actions and better outcomes for the market as a whole. Building fiber, buying fiber, on both sides of the market you see significant inefficiencies. I started Connected2Fiber to build a platform that I believe can help solve those challenges. It is simple things like sending an OnNet building list that I believe should not be that hard. We have made it four clicks of a mouse and your clients are programmed.

(DCP-KX) Q: What has Connected2Fiber achieved that makes it unique in the industry?

(CONNECTED2FIBER-BE) A: We have built a location management platform for fiber providers that is the first of its kind. The industry has fiber management tools today, but they’re really designed for engineers. We bring the intelligence of those tools to the rest of the organization, enrich the platform with our location intelligence and provide a way of sharing that information in a trusted, predictable way that saves time and helps ensure all of your assets are participating.

(DCP-KX) Q: What achievement(s) are you most proud of accomplishing?

(CONNECTED2FIBER-BE) A: Starting a company, hiring my first team members, delivering value to our customers and raising our first round of capital. It is hard to pick one. I think I am most proud of building a platform that does something so simple like sending a building list, but has not been done before.

(DCP-KX) Q: What experience and skills do you believe are most important to be a successful leader?

(CONNECTED2FIBER-BE) A: I think that any leader needs clarity of vision and strong communications skills to ensure everyone knows what to do, how to do it and why they are doing it, while ensuring that whatever the right amount of capital is needed, that the capital is available.

(DCP-KX) Q: What is your next personal and professional goal?

(CONNECTED2FIBER-BE) A: My next goal is to have 1,000,000 connected buildings in our platform, enriched and adding value. My personal goal is to start a co-op program with three area schools for a geography internship, a software engineering internship and a marketing internship.

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