Evocative, a global Internet infrastructure provider, announced its intent to acquire the majority of INAP’s data center facilities in an asset purchase.

The acquisition will consist of 9 of INAP’s data centers, which strengthens Evocative’s existing data center footprint with new facilities, including colocation and related network services. The global infrastructure provider will now have a presence across Boston, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Seattle. 

The acquisition is expected to close within the next few weeks, increasing Evocative’s portfolio to 20 operating data center colocation facilities and 60+ global Points of Presence. 

With its organic growth, along with the data center asset acquisition, Evocative has emerged as a leading enterprise digital infrastructure provider. The company plans to welcome several INAP employees associated with the INAP data center business to the Evocative team, which will grow the company by 30%. 

Arman Khalili, Founder and CEO of Evocative,  shared the strength of Evocative’s digital infrastructure capabilities with their clients. “We know the importance of enterprise digital enablement. We built a company that offers a comprehensive suite of solutions from the physical foundation up the stack to enable the delivery of highly secure, hosted data services,” Khalili added.

With its acquisition strategy further advanced by the INAP data center purchase, Evocative is well positioned to continue its exponential growth with a clear focus on providing best-in-class IT infrastructure and a full suite of services. 

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