VMware and Dell Are Hosting a Social Media Discussion & Think Tank 6/27/12

At most IT or Business Technology Conferences today, I have heard several differing definitions of the term Cloud…   In addition to the widespread, varied interpretations in regards to what the Cloud exactly is and/or what it can do, fear/skepticism of cloud computing is another emerging conceptual viewpoint. With so much hype around the topic of Cloud these days, whether positive or negative, it is a topic that is becoming nearly impossible for most businesses to avoid. Here are some common issues faced by corporations looking into cloud computing:

  • Security

  • Reliability

  • Ownership

  • Data Backup and Portability

  • Intellectual Property

The #FutureCloud discussion will be moderated by Rob La Gesse, who was recently named the #2 Social Media Thought Leader by Forbes Magazine and will include three Dell Cloud Executives and one VMware executive who will provide additional information to the panel, listen to customers and panelists, and take the overall information from the day to contribute directly to the future of Dell cloud solutions. To clarify, this open event is focused on the overall cloud computing market and NOT on Dell products or other specific technology. Other prominent confirmed panelists for the #FutureCloud Think Tank event include:

For more information visit this blog for updates, and be sure to check out Dell’s cloud computing services for information on the latest technology.