In a world dominated by traditional industry events that often stifle genuine networking opportunities, Escape The Cold Aisle (ETCA) emerges as a breath of fresh air for data center professionals. Now in its third year, this annual event is set to revolutionize the way industry experts connect, breaking free from the confines of conventional conference rooms and embracing a novel approach that involves a golf outing in the warm, sunny climate of Arizona.

The Limitations of Traditional Networking Events:

Standard industry gatherings, with their rigid schedules and limited networking opportunities, often fall short when it comes to fostering meaningful connections. Quick encounters between panels and crowded, impersonal settings may reinforce existing relationships, but they rarely pave the way for establishing new and substantial connections. Escape The Cold Aisle recognizes these limitations and seeks to redefine the networking experience for data center professionals.

A Game-Changing Approach:

Escape The Cold Aisle, Co-Founded by Bill Winsininski, takes a bold step by organizing an annual golf outing in Phoenix, Arizona. According to Winsininski, “Getting out of Chicago or any cold weather city in March to play golf in Arizona is good for business.” The event aims to leverage the transformative power of a warm, outdoor setting to enhance the networking experience for participants. The change in environment is expected to elevate moods, infuse energy, and provide a unique platform for industry leaders to connect on a deeper level.

Event Details:

The premier data center networking event and golf outing will take place on March 5th and 6th, 2024, at the picturesque Whirlwind Golf Club at Wild Horse Pass in Phoenix, AZ. Delta Mission Critical and Cofluence LLC, in collaboration with Escape The Cold Aisle, have set the goal of bringing data center professionals together in a warm climate for the ultimate networking experience.

Anticipated attendance for the Third Annual Outing is over 300 professionals, including end-users, colocation providers, channel partners, manufacturers, engineering firms, contractors, developers, and integrators. The two-day event will kick off with a welcome reception on day one, followed by a day of golf, lunch, and dinner experiences on day two.

How to Get Involved:

For those eager to participate in this innovative networking experience, registration and sponsorship opportunities are available on the event’s official website:

Escape The Cold Aisle 2024 is poised to be a game-changer in the data center industry, offering a refreshing and unconventional approach to networking. By combining the serenity of a golf outing with the warmth of Arizona’s climate, the event promises to foster meaningful connections and create a vibrant atmosphere for industry professionals to collaborate and thrive. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this transformative experience – register and secure your sponsorship today!