Cloud Management


Cloud Management

– Bret Clement, Senior Director of Global Communications, RightScale, says:

Peanut butter and jelly. Peanut butter and chocolate. Peanuts and beer. Some things are just better together – this is true for food and it is true with enterprise software.

Large organizations know that you should not have cloud management solutions in one silo and cloud cost management solutions in another. RightScale aims to be the first to bridge this gap – integrating management and analytics in one platform.

RightScale Cloud Analytics, currently in beta, enables you to visualize, forecast, and optimize costs across your entire cloud portfolio. The end result for your enterprise: lower cloud costs and more accurate cloud budgets.

Read what some analyst and early customers have to say about the power of combing cloud analysts and cloud management:

• “RightScale Cloud Analytics is an important first step in integrating cloud analytics with cloud management across public and private clouds — a true analytics platform for cloud computing.” Holger Mueller, Vice President and Principal Analyst for Cloud Computing at Constellation Research

• “RightScale Cloud Analytics promises to help us quickly understand our current cloud usage, accurately forecast and optimize our future cloud spend, and identify and eliminate undesirable costs. The combination of Cloud Analytics with RightScale Cloud Management promises to be a game changer — Cloud Analytics will enable us to close the loop and take action on the insights we gain.” Scott Mills, Principal IT Infrastructure Engineer at Progress Software

• “A survey of cloud providers recently conducted by 451 Research found the market is rife with confusing models and metrics. Integrated cloud analytics and management tools such as RightScale’s can help consumers understand this complex landscape, and take actions to manage their cloud expenditure.” Dr. Owen Rogers, Cloud Economist at 451 Research

• “RightScale announces beta “Cloud Analytics”, cloud cost mgmt, CloudCruiser and Cloudability have new competition –” November 7 tweet from Gartner analyst Kyle Hilgendorf

This video shows RedMonk analyst James Governor speaking about Cloud Analytics with Hassan Hosseini, co-founder of, which RightScale acquired in 2012.

We couldn’t integrate peanut butter with cloud management, but maybe this is the next best thing.