With enterprise digital infrastructure deployments requiring more flexible and dynamic solutions, a provider with four facilities throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware has emerged as an ideal partner for mid to large-size businesses in the mid-Atlantic region. DāSTOR, an enterprise-focused provider of scalable and secure hybrid colocation solutions, recently announced strategic enhancements across its four data centers in Pennsylvania and Delaware. The company has expanded its capacity and service capabilities in colocation, private cloud, backup, and data storage to deliver secure, optimized, enterprise-class data management solutions across various vertical markets, including healthcare, legal, fintech, and government.

As the complexities of managing IT workloads across cloud, colocation, and on-premise solutions continues to evolve,  DāSTOR aims to simplify. The company provides guidance and expertise to help clients find scalable, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure and data management solutions. With decades of experience in owning and operating data centers, DāSTOR’s leadership team recognizes the migration path that companies experience when optimizing workloads, from on-prem to colocation, to public cloud, and now repatriating some or all of those workloads back to dedicated colocation or private cloud solutions due to cost and security concerns.

The recent enhancements to DāSTOR’s colocation capabilities include innovative storage solutions, hyperconverged private cloud, and superior cloud access and control. The company has also grown its sales team and introduced a Partner Program, contributing to an overall revenue growth of 45%+ since its inception. DāSTOR’s focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience has resulted in a customer retention rate of 98%, demonstrating the quality and reliability of its colocation solutions.

Kevin Mulqueen, DāSTOR’s CEO, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric enhancements, stating, “At DāSTOR, we’ve completely revamped not just our products, but the entire customer experience.” He also highlighted the company’s significant traction, positioning them favorably for the future.

DāSTOR’s tangible achievements reaffirm its commitment to delivering exceptional digital infrastructure and management solutions tailored to today’s evolving enterprise requirements. For more information about DāSTOR, visit their website https://dastorllc.com.