Demand is rapidly increasing for services and solutions that can enable the deployment of advanced, next-generation wireless networks. Just recently, a merger was announced between NextEdge Networks and Modus — a move that will answer the call from wireless carriers, municipalities and business owners seeking network densification.

The combined company is a recognized expert in the field of small cell and DAS deployments. It has jointly designed, permitted and executed over 4,000 node deployments across more than 40 states. NextEdge Networks has also completed over 3,500 fiber to cell installations, as well as the first micro cell deployment, the first western U.S. small cell installation, the first U.S. 5G deployment and multiple high profile DAS installations.

NextEdge Networks’ leadership is comprised of executives who are highly-experienced in developing, deploying and owning wireless infrastructure. CEO Doug Wiest formerly served as CEO of LightTower, COO of American Tower and EVP of EdgeConneX®. And CFO Chris Maguire was formerly CFO of Golden State Towers and EVP of American Tower, and has also held CFO and strategic consulting positions across the radio, wireless and renewable energy industries.

Chad Abbott, Erik Corkery and Ryan Crowley, who founded Modus in 2005, will serve as EVPs of the new organization and will continue to lead the service activities of NextEdge Networks. Individually, they each bring over twenty years of experience in working with major wireless carriers and OEMs in building and deploying wireless networks.

The new company will provide a variety of services for small cell deployments, with a focus on construction and construction management, site acquisition and jurisdictional partnerships, program management, fiber deployment, in-building DAS and small cell installations and maintenance.

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