IT Automation

IT Automation 

Dustin Snell, CEO and Founder of Network Automation, Inc., says:

The development of IT automation solutions for enterprises today needs to be simple, no matter the robustness of the task at hand. This is especially the case when IT teams are bogged down in code generation and maintenance — they end up having less time to engage in creative thinking to support core business goals.

Instead of requiring IT teams to generate, memorize and manage custom scripts throughout complex systems, there needs to be a technology solution with code and syntax-free scripting capabilities available on the market that allows users to automate key tasks and processes without having to write batch files and custom scripts.

In an effort to solve this increasing problem, Network Automation, which set the industry standard in server and desktop automation with the launch of its original AutoMate line in 2004, recently released AutoMate 10. Featuring an improved interface, AutoMate 10 takes no-code task development to a whole new level with simple drag-and-drop deployment and unparalleled cloud, server and software integration capabilities.

The culmination of nearly a decade of experience, the new AutoMate 10 streamlines front-end workflows and delivers enhanced back-end capabilities to enable even better IT-business collaboration. It also enables IT professionals to focus on more strategic priorities and reduce code maintenance costs.

Offering event log monitoring and automatic error correction capabilities that eliminate the need for manual intervention from busy IT team members, AutoMate 10 helps create a true partnership between business and IT leaders by giving technology professionals more time to innovate and work with colleagues across business units to ultimately gain a competitive edge.

One game-changing feature in AutoMate 10 is improved Java support, with a Windows Dissection Engine that works with native Java applications for greater levels of business process automation. AutoMate 10 also includes a new modern UI styling. With flat, vector graphics and elegant, clean lines, this new solution reduces the noise and clutter for more efficient task creation.

And to power larger-scale, more complex and/or multi-user implementations, AutoMate users can choose AutoMate BPA Server 10 for intelligent automation with workflows and conditions for seamless interactions. AutoMate BPA Server 10 delivers intuitive graphical workflows— flowcharts to illustrate and automate IT and business processes across multiple servers.

AutoMate BPA Server 10 enables remote management with scalable, multi-machine automation to allow users to effortlessly scale to meet demand. The centralized console-control and real-time monitoring dashboard accommodate today’s more mobile workforces, and a repository for reusable automation assets eliminates the need to create new tasks and conditions for each workflow, enabling more efficient development. BPA Server improvements in the new release include the addition of new version control capabilities, streamlined workflows and upgraded security.

Dustin Snell is CEO and Founder of Network Automation, the mid-market leader in automation solutions that streamline and integrate business processes without expensive programming. Founded in 2004 and based in Los Angeles, the company provides business process automation software to more than 8,000 small, mid-market, and Global Fortune 1000 clients across 60 countries.