Elevating Global Business Connectivity

In a significant move for the telecommunications and IT industries, Aureon introduces its channel partner program in a recent press release, aiming to establish strong partnerships with independent telephone companies (ITCs). This initiative drives technological advancements and superior connectivity solutions across various industries. Marking a key part of this program is Aureon’s collaboration with Butler-Bremer Communications, launching an innovative WAN-based solution that highlights the program’s potential to redefine business networking.

This partnership has led to the creation of a customized international cloud WAN and meshed WAN solution, reaching across North America, Europe, and Asia. Designed to meet the needs of global manufacturing clientele, this solution represents what Aureon aims to achieve: a robust network infrastructure that guarantees reliability, comprehensive cybersecurity, and seamless application management.

Todd Van Epps, Aureon’s Director of Shareholder and Public Relations, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration, noting the mutual vision and commitment to leveraging networking expertise to support clients’ strategic objectives. This initiative showcases Aureon’s capability to deliver advanced technological solutions and opens up new avenues for revenue generation for ITCs, providing expansion and innovation in the telecommunications sector.

Aureon’s new channel partner program represents a significant step forward in enhancing business productivity and efficiency through state-of-the-art connectivity and IT solutions. Aureon and its partners like Butler-Bremer communications are setting new industry standards with secure connectivity and extensive support, empowering businesses worldwide to achieve their goals with exceptional network assistance.

For more information about Aureon and its new channel partner program, visit Aureon’s website.