The Southern region of New York is home to many smaller-in-size communities when compared to the state’s major metropolitan region. These two distinct regions share a capital, but differ in many ways, including access to Internet and other connectivity solutions. While more densely-populated areas often have easy access to fiber networks to enable home and business Internet, TV, streaming, and phone options, rural areas will often lack this reliable service. In the fall of 2023, Empire Access, an Antin company, will begin offering its award-winning fiber optic services to Cortland, New York, to provide its residents and businesses with the fast and reliable connectivity they need.

Empire Access is a regional broadband provider serving large areas of New York and Pennsylvania. In Cortland, NY, Empire Access’ fiber optic network will offer streaming, TV, phone plans, security, home automation, enterprise-class WiFi, and more. Moreover, Empire Access provides these services to both business and residential customers. Based in Prattsburg, NY, Empire Access’ community-built team ensures uptime and reliability by providing 24x7x365 customer service.

Jim Baase, CEO at Empire Access, comments, “We take pride in the products and services we offer, and we look forward to building relationships in Cortland.” Baase has led Empire Access to being named the “Fastest ISP in the U.S.” by PCMag. This latest buildout, expected to be completed during the fall of this year, follows the company’s recent expansions into Riverside, NY, and across Northern Pennsylvania. Baase and the Empire Access team aim to continue exceeding customer expectations and grow into the fiber optic backbone of the regions it serves.

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