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Data Scientist

In this video interview, Michael Koploy, who reviews business intelligence systems for Software Advice, and icrunchdata Co-Founder Todd Nevins discuss the segmentation of the big data jobs market and how businesses are acquiring the elusive data scientist.

The amount of data many companies must analyze today requires professionals with advanced statistical skillsets. But in addition to a deep technical toolbox, these professionals must also require the business acumen to suggest adjustments to key business processes. This leads to a very competitive job market — with demand far exceeding supply.

Data from the Big Data Jobs Index, produced by Nevins’ team at icrunchdata, shows just how rapidly the job market is growing. For example, icrunchdata has seen big data job postings increase 63 percent in the past six months. Additionally, icrunchdata expects big data job postings to grow an additional 100 to 200 percent over the next one to two years.

To learn which jobs are highest in demand, as well as how many of the top startups are acquiring these professionals, check out the following video.