Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Bill Kleyman.

This is the final of three entries in a Data Center Frontier series that explores how hyperscale will disrupt the data center market. This series, compiled in a complete Guide, also covers understanding major hyperscale trends and how to select a hyperscale partner. The below post focuses on the different elements of a hyperscale data center.

A new service model that has emerged from this increase in demand: Hyperscale Service Provider (HSP). Hyperscale has come to mean a lot of things, but at its core is the ability to scale all elements of IT architecture and provision rapidly to meet demand as it increases.

This is where QTS Data Centers, hyperscale data center and HSP, combines both maturity and innovation. This is required to help a business meet and exceed their growth strategies. When it comes to working with a hyperscale service provider—QTS delivers:

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