Supporting the infra/STRUCTURE 2023 Summit with only days away, is Ehvert Mission Critical, a distinguished engineering firm specializing in a range of cutting-edge services. Their significant involvement as a Silver Level sponsor, unique focus on data centers and expanding regional presence make them an exciting attendee at this year’s event. Read on to learn more about their participation, goals, and the insights they bring to this event.

About Ehvert Mission Critical

Ehvert Mission Critical excels as a top-tier engineering firm specializing in MEP, ICT, Controls, and Security Systems Engineering. Its standout services encompass cutting-edge systems modeling, meticulous detailing for seamless design and construction coordination. Elevating industry standards, its Virtual Design and Construction services integrate construction simulation for enhanced scheduling, sequencing, and safety assessments. Ehvert Mission Critical optimizes construction with advanced analyses and fabrication-level detailing that augment its comprehensive electrical and mechanical design services streamlining project timelines and reducing costs.

Involvement Details

Marking their significant involvement at the summit, Ehvert Mission Critical steps in as a Silver Level sponsor, while also sharing co-sponsorship responsibilities for the Opening Cocktail Reception scheduled on October 4th.

Industries Served

Ehvert Mission Critical solely dedicates its expertise and resources exclusively to data centers. In a world driven by data, these centers are the backbone of digital transformation, housing the critical infrastructure necessary for storing, processing, and managing vast amounts of information. By concentrating solely on data centers, Ehvert Mission Critical is able to delve deeper into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by this sector.

Regional Focus

Ehvert Mission Critical, while well-established in North America, is casting its gaze toward EMEA and Latin America. This exploration signifies a nod to the industry’s shift towards globalization and increased cross-border collaboration, showcasing their ambition to adapt and contribute to diverse markets and conversations on data center evolution.

Leadership Presence 

Representing the leadership team of Ehvert Mission Critical at the summit will be Vello Ehvert, President, and Paul Ehvert, the Manager of Virtual Design and Construction.

Event Goals

Ehvert Mission Critical joins the summit with the intention of connecting and contributing to the collective knowledge pool, offering their insights and looking to introduce potential new clients to their services.

Meeting Opportunities

For those looking to schedule meetings with Ehvert Mission Critical, email:

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