Originally published to NEDAS.

In recent years, the internet’s industry landscape has been uniquely evolving to meet the burgeoning demands of its end users, with physical infrastructure methods shifting to cater to higher volumes of content and faster delivery requirements. As internet traffic increases and reliance on seamlessly provisioned content grows, the industry is looking towards the edge to build efficient, capable infrastructure systems that can deliver.

The NEDAS 2018 NYC Summit featured a keynote presentation, given by Josh Snowhorn, which discussed how the team at EdgeMicro was tackling the industry’s largest infrastructure issues to meet the needs of their customers. Snowhorn, Chief Strategy Officer at EdgeMicro, acknowledges that in the face of the internet’s “24-hour business” model, designing physical sites and technologies to keep up can be a challenge. Standard methods with large, central data centers have served the industry well for some time, but with rapidly increasing demands and the onset of 5G being close at hand, Snowhorn anticipates the need for a large-scale infrastructure adjustment. Content and providers can no longer afford the cost or latency of moving data through remote data centers, RAN tower hubs, MTSOs, and ultimately an IX or cloud site. Instead, the industry must revolutionize their approach to top-tier content provision through edge solutions.


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