Donna Johnson_Talari_Director of Product Marketing


– Donna Johnson, Director of Product Marketing, Talari Networks, says:

With the introduction of APN (Adaptive Private Networking) 3.0 (a Best of Interop 2013 Winner), Talari has added the flexibility of dynamic conduits to its existing features of WAN link aggregation, bandwidth reservation, load balancing and automatic failover. This combination creates a WAN architecture that automatically reacts to changing traffic demands by dynamically creating best-path, multi-link tunnels across private or public internet access links. Features include built-in encryption for traffic passing across public networks and end-to-end bandwidth reservation to ensure that mission-critical applications always have priority over less critical or less quality sensitive applications. The end result is a fully or regionally meshed network incorporating both private and public links that it easy to setup and maintain and guarantees optimum path selection for real-time traffic.
Once some simple link information is entered into a centralized configuration tool, APN 3.0 appliances communicate with one another to build an image of the network, the possible paths through the network, and the latency, loss and jitter of each path. APN 3.0 will then direct traffic down these paths, using all available links simultaneously, even spreading individual sessions across multiple links as needed, to:
  • achieve a path with a quality level that will match the requirements of each application
  • prevent lower priority traffic from ever impeding high priority traffic
  • take advantage of all available bandwidth to reduce loss, jitter and latency of any one link
  • accelerate traffic when excess capacity is available
  • reduce the number of hops for ad hoc traffic
  • ensure that no single link failure will be noticed by the users
  • always keep the highest priority traffic up as long as at least one path still exists
Why Intelligence in the WAN Matters
The business trends of globalization, expansion through acquisition, outsourcing and just-in-time inventories all depend a company’s backbone network, meaning that a WAN that doesn’t perform can stop a company in its tracks. And the need to support unpredictable traffic with a high level of quality while not letting it impact mission critical business application is paramount to building a WAN that supports the needs of its users.
With Talari’s solution, adaptability doesn’t just apply to short-term applications demands. With the rate of change in IT ever increasing, it is almost impossible to predict what applications will drive traffic in the future. Talari’s technology added to a WAN gives a company the flexibility to quickly adapt to changes such as new applications, new paths, new locations and new services providers. With Talari, you can be confident that you have a WAN that will be there to support your company’s business success now and in the future.