Sabey Data Centers, a premier designer, builder and operator of multi-tenant data centers, recently announced their partnership with Hydria, a modular, containerized data center solution company. This partnership marks a significant step forward in meeting the increasing demand for high-density, sustainable data center solutions.

Hydria specializes in ecological and high-density data centers, with a strong focus on providing solutions for intensive computing sites, including those requiring high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Their commitment to reducing environmental impact aligns with Sabey’s corporate goals, according to Rob Rockwood, President at Sabey Data Centers.

Rockwood expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing its potential to meet the increasing demands of clients while driving sustainable practices. “Partnering with Hydria enables us to easily adapt to our clients’ evolving needs, particularly in the realm of AI-based solutions.” Rockwood emphasized how this partnership will benefit both companies, their clients, and the environment.

This partnership shows Sabey’s commitment to providing its customers with top-tier, sustainable data center solutions. By leveraging Hydria’s expertise in high-performance computing and sustainable technology, Sabey can deliver flexible and efficient solutions to meet their customers’ needs.

To learn more about Sabey Data Centers and their commitment to delivering consistency and expertise for their clients, visit Sabey’s website.