DP Facilities, provider of mission-critical data centers, sustainable build-to-suit solutions and colocation services, recently announced that it has been included in a documentary titled “Creating Common Wealth: Economic Development,” by VPM PBS. The documentary features a number of economic development initiatives in Wise, VA, exploring the revitalization and economic diversification taking place as a result of renewables, employment initiatives, public health developments and more.

Wise, Virginia, as a town that once thrived on the coal industry, has been strongly impacted as a result of this core industry declining. Today, the town’s rich history of resource development must pivot to a new era of industry in order to thrive in the digital era, reduce local demographic declines and reverse the lack of job opportunities. Now, modernization efforts are gaining momentum to ensure ongoing success for local businesses and communities.

As a part of this effort, DP Facilities provides much-needed critical infrastructure and job opportunities in its highly secure and fully compliant Wise, VA, Mineral Gap data center. Spanning 65,000 square feet and 22 acres, the 45MW data center facility accommodates evolving data requirements across federal, cloud and high-performance computing verticals. Furthermore, the data center delivers a chance for locals to transition out of the coal industry.

“I enjoy a lot of aspects of my job here. It’s a competitively paying job… but probably the neatest thing is being a part of something that’s just new and groundbreaking to Wise County, and it’s an opportunity to be a part of something that…challenges the traditional thinking of what industry looks like around here,” states Tanner Powers, Security Supervisor at the facility.

DP Facilities’ presence in Wise aligns well with local efforts to adaptably and productively reuse existing coal industry land, leveraging the rich past of this area to support a bright future. In fact, having high-performance digital infrastructure nearby makes this area a destination for regional businesses looking to digitally transform or support evolving IT initiatives, creating attention for the county and encouraging even more growth and prosperity.

“We couldn’t be prouder to be a member of the Wise County community and to be a part of this location’s exciting transformation,” comments Jhoan Checo, Senior Vice President of DP Facilities. “The flagship Mineral Gap facility typifies our enduring dedication to our customers, to their data, to their communities and to the environments that they’re built on, and we look forward to creating even more growth and success as we move forward, further developing this campus and expanding the benefits it offers.”

DP Facilities’ colocation services in Wise, VA, seamlessly meet IT requirements throughout the region and allow access to reduced operating costs and reliable, redundant utility power. The location also delivers up to 3MW of renewable energy from the nearby solar farm, which is scheduled for completion in Q4 2020. Together with a host of other local initiatives, DP Facilities is helping ensure that Wise is keeping pace as the globe expands its focus on technological innovation and on a greener future.

To view the documentary, released by VPM, click here.

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